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Breaking the Ice

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Whether you’re leaving for a few hours, or a few days, if you want to eat or drink, you’ll want everything you brought to remain cold. After all, you don’t want to be travelling in a hot car all day to cool off with a warm bottle of water! For road trips where you want as much road time as possible, to music festivals where a can of soda costs more than a case at the grocery store, you want to make sure that you have a cooler that will keep its contents cold, while still being easy to take it around with you. Coolers have expanded from the familiar red and white ice box that so many people have come to associate them with. They have become much more versatile, with different shapes and styles to fit the user’s requirements, and lifestyle. The faithful design and function of the roller coolers are still perfect for longer trips, but added to the extended family of coolers are backpack style sports coolers, small and large soft bag coolers, and even a 21st Century take on the old school steel coolers that still remain to be very popular!

Just like with all products, you need to make sure your research is done before buying a cooler, to ensure that you are getting exactly what is advertised, and what you paid for! Your cooler needs to be able to fit your lifestyle, and last you a long time. It’s an investment for those who love adventure, and who live an active lifestyle. It’s also an investment for those who need to have a reliable lunch bag to take into work day in, and day out without need of a replacement. Much like how your family cooler growing up seemed to be the staple item when going camping, or to the park for a picnic, the cooler you decide to purchase will become your go-to necessity. Why waste your money on something that won’t give you the bare necessities of your cooler needs?

If you’re looking at a wheeled cooler you want to ensure won’t leak, and will be easy to roll behind you. For those needing a backpack sports cooler, you want to make sure the base won’t break with all of your belongings falling out behind you. This investment in the search for the best cooler is more important than you might have thought! Luckily for you, we’ve done the hard work. We compared the top coolers in each of their respective categories, to help you decide what will best work for you. With explanations of what to look for, and comprehensive pro/con lists that clearly outline what works, and does not work, with each product, this is your one-stop shop for cooler buying. We have outlined the best uses, prices, and a detailed description of each cooler being compared, to give you nothing short of the best and most informative information you need in order to decide which cooler is the one you’ll need.