Best Wheeled Coolers Reviewed: Ultimate Guide of 2017

What To Know About The Top Wheeled Coolers

Most of us have been brought up with wheeled coolers, and couldn’t conceive of another type of cooler until well into our late adolescent lives (or mid-to-late childhood, if you’re not me). These are the coolers that would make a special appearance every summer for backyard parties, or family picnics. The ones with the adult soda, and all the food you can fit with a plethora of ice to make sure everything stays cold. These coolers with wheels are what most of us use for larger gatherings of family and friends, or extended trips to save money on buying fast food.

Even if you need a cooler for personal use, the cooler with wheels is ideal, as they can also be used for a person or two to enjoy a nice time outdoors. They come in an array of styles and sizes, allowing you to take it with you for a day on the lake, or even a weekend long road trip with a few friends. Just like with all coolers, insulation, durability, and temperature retainment are important, but coolers on wheels also need to have a sturdy handle, and dependable wheels to withstand whatever terrain may come its way.

Top 2 Best Wheeled Coolers Comparison Table 2017

Wheeled CoolersFeaturesIce RetentionOur Rating

Igloo Maxcold Ultra Roller Cooler
● Long Lasting
● Daypack Cooler
● Plastic Liner
5 Days4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

Rubbermaid Ice Chest/Cooler
● Durable Double - Walled Construction
● Heavy Duty
● Long Lasting
● Drain Plugs
5 Days4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

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Igloo MaxCold Ultra Roller Cooler

Igloo MaxCold

Ultra Roller Cooler

This 23”x 12.9”x 17.4”, 40 quart cooler on wheels is made from polyethylene, and has extra insulation in both the base and the lid for an advertised 5 day cooling period (though once tested, ends up being more of a three day maximum cold retention time). Its odour resistant liner is easy to clean, and BPA free. Igloo offers a one year manufacturer’s warranty for this cooler with wheels, which is great for being able to see just how much it can go through! The MaxCold Ultra comes with a comfort grip, tow up, push button release handle for easy rolling, and soft ride sport wheels, which are ultra durable so can glide through whatever you take it through! However, as both are made of plastic, they tend to snap with excess pressure, so caution needs to be exercised.

The compact size of the MaxCold Ultra means it’s not a drag to take it with you to the beach, sporting events, or to travel to and from the car. The casing is noticeably thicker than the average wheeled cooler, which ensures that everything inside stays as cold as possible, for as long as possible. The base is slightly more narrow than the body, which is ideal if you have enough ice to fill the bottom, however, this can be a hinderance should the ice, or ice packs, not fill the narrow base, as reaching through for your food and drinks may be a bit more difficult.

What We Like

  • It’s a good size for smaller (2-4 people) needs
  • The retractable handle located in the back for ease of transport
  • BPA free, and easy to clean
  • Manufacturer’s warranty for 1 year

What We Want

  • A sturdier material for the hinges, handles and lid, as the plastic tends to      be flimsy
  • Five day cooling period, as advertised, instead of three
  • Rubber wheels for added durability
  • A drain plug for no tip water removal

Rubbermaid Ice Chest/Cooler

Rubbermaid Ice Chest/Cooler

This 60 quart cooler with wheels is what you’ll want for a longer trip, or a larger capacity to comfortably feed and hydrate up to 8 people. It’s superior thermal retention along with stain and odour resistant liner, allow this wheeled cooler to keep its contents cold for up to 24 hours. At 16.2”x 29”x 18.2”, the Ice Chest will fit comfortably in the back of your car, with the extendable handle located at the back for added convenience. It is made with a polyethylene liner making for an easy clean up for a messy BBQ, sandy beach trip, or muddy campgrounds. Arguably the best feature is the centre open lid, with cup holders located on top, which you can use to store your cans while searching for food!

Another great feature the Ice Chest has (which all coolers with wheels should) is a front drain plug, which is all that you need for a no-tip water removal system. Conveniently, the base of the cooler is the same width as the container, so there is a constant placement of content and ice. There is some extra height in this wheeled cooler, meaning that more ice (or ice packs) are able to fit inside, but it also means that you are bending lower in order to reach the bottom. The added height can also allow the cooler to double as a stool, should you be short on seats. Alternatively, you can actually stand a six pack of bottles upright inside the base without worry! However, despite the fact that there is a lid lock, albeit a non-insulated one, items up top may lose a bit of their chill.

What We Like

  • Excellent thermal retention
  • Stain and odour resistant
  • Tall with cupholders
  • Front drain
  • Keeps things cold without ice (as long as items are already cooled)

What We Want

  • Insulated, and tight lock lid
  • Longer cooling time without refilling ice

Summary of Coolers On Wheels…

The Igloo MaxCold Ultra and Rubbermaid Ice Chest both do exactly what anyone needs, and expects, from a cooler with wheels. They are both durable, have extendable handles, and are able to fit everything you need inside. For smaller adventures, the Igloo is ideal, as it will store everything you want, and keep it cold. If you have something more extravagant in mind, then the Rubbermaid is what you’ll want, as it has a few little extras added. With the cup holders, tall base, and centre open lid, the Rubbermaid is the better of the two coolers on wheels for the job!

Though, if temperature retainment is what you are most looking for, than it is the Igloo that you would want. All that is left is personal preference, which always comes into play, depending on whether you prefer draining and replacing the ice on a daily basis, over emptying the cooler to dump the water.