Coleman 16-Can Cooler Bag With Hard Liner

Coleman 16-Can Soft Cooler With Hard Liner

This workmanlike portable cooler from Coleman isn’t the most stylish bag in the world-- but it is large, super inexpensive and leak resistant. Also, the removable hard plastic liner is safe eating surface. If you want, you can put your food directly into the bag without the need for wrapping it up or storing it in a tupperware container.

Another interesting thing about this portable cooler is that it’s got a camouflage print option-- perfect for thirsty hunters who intend to spend a long time in the forest.

Let’s take a closer look to see what else separates this portable bag cooler from the competition.


Removable hard plastic liner — In addition to giving the bag a nice, solid shape, the plastic liner also functions as

Odor and mold resistant — Another good thing about PEVA plastic: it is resistant to odor, mold and mildew.

Leak proof seams — When your ice begins to melt, it won’t leak out of the container. The seams are heat welded and leak resistant.

Bungee lid straps — If you’ve got more than 16 cans to carry, just attach the rest to the top of the bag using the bungee lid straps.

Many color options, including camouflage — This bag comes in four different colors: red, blue, grey, olive. There’s also a camouflage print option.

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 4.5/5

The Good

If you’re looking for a basic portable cooler that won’t break your bank, this offering from Coleman is a great choice. Plus, it’s got a number of interesting features that other bags lack.

The Bad

Though the PEVA plastic removable liner is a great feature, it does smell a little bit funky.

Best Suited For

Hunting trips, picnics and tailgate parties.

Not So Good For

People looking for a stylish portable cooler and anyone who dislikes the mild vinegar smell of PEVA plastic.

The Verdict

Overall, this 16-can cooler from Coleman is a great product. It is super cheap, well-built and works quite well. If all you need is a basic portable cooler for carrying drinks, you won’t be disappointed. Also, interesting features like the removable plastic liner and the bungee lid straps really do come in handy. The removable PEVA plastic liner is easy to clean and can be used as an eating surface-- as long as you don’t mind the slightly funky smell.

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