OAGear - Cooler Sports Pack

Sport (Backpack) Coolers

Let’s face it-- it’s expensive to buy snacks at a sports stadium or movie theatre. Of course, bringing your own grub with you to the game or to the movies isn’t allowed. But if you intend to break the rules anyway and save some cash, well... you’re going to need a good backpack.

This inexpensive cooler/backpack hybrid from OAGear will keep your food, ice and drinks from getting warm. It has a leak resistant lining to keep melted ice from dripping all over the place. It’s also fairly big compared to other bag coolers on the market.

Let’s take a closer look at this bag to see what other features it has to offer.


Large capacity — This backpack cooler is big enough (12.25" x 16.5" x 7.75") to hold 20 canned drinks plus ice.

Leak resistant — The heat sealed, leak proof liner does a good job of keeping liquid contained inside the bag.

Lots of pockets — In addition to the main compartment, this bag has a large front pouch and two mesh side pockets.

Inexpensive price — This bag is super cheap compared to other coolers that we’ve reviewed.

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 4.0/5

The Good

The cooler sports pack from OAGear is a nice, inexpensive little portable sack that’ll allow you to haul your drinks with you while out and about.

The Bad

Some people who bought this backpack reported that it wasn’t very comfortable to wear. A little extra padding on the straps would have been a nice addition.

Best Suited For

Sneaking drinks into a ball game. This bag is basic, but it does a good job of keeping your drinks cold.

Not So Good For

Long hiking trips. The uncomfortable straps begin to bite your shoulders after a while.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a basic portable cooler that will hold about 20 canned drinks, this offering from OAGear won’t disappoint. The inexpensive price tag is plus. We also liked the fact that from the outside, this portable cooler looks like a normal backpack. That makes it a perfect choice for anyone who wants to sneak their own beverages into a sports stadium. However, if you’re going to be walking around a lot or going on a hike you may want to go with a more comfortable product.

Learn more about the OAGear Backpack Cooler on Amazon, or take a look at one of our other great , reviewed products like the Picnic Time Turismo Cooler. All of these coolers are competitively priced on Amazon.